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What Are The Best High Fiber Dog Food Brands?

There are several good reasons for feeding your dog a high fiber dog food.  Here’s a look at the best high fiber dog food brands for your dog.

Why feed your dog a high fiber dog food?

High Fiber Dog Food BrandsThere are some veterinary medical reasons for feeding your dog a high fiber dog food.  Some of the conditions which can be helped with a high fiber diet include diabetes, chronic constipation, and diarrhea.  If your dog has one of these problems you should make sure your dog sees a veterinarian because they can be dangerous.  Diabetes will need to be carefully monitored and your dog will need other treatment besides a change in diet.  Chronic constipation and diarrhea can be indications of more serious gastrointestinal problems and your vet should check your dog to find out what is causing these issues.

A high fiber diet can also be helpful if your dog is overweight or if he has problems with his anal  glands.  Many dogs today don’t get enough exercise.  When you feed your dog a high fiber diet he will get reduced calories but still feel full.  However, to really help him lose weight you will need to gradually increase his exercise, too.

Dogs often have problems with their anal glands, too.  Signs of anal gland problems include scooting their rear across the floor, carpet, or grass; or biting at their rear.  However, a dog who bites at his rear can also indicate that the dog has fleas, so you should rule out this possibility before assuming that your dog has problems with his anal glands.  If you think your dog has problems with his anal glands you can take him to the vet so they can be “expressed” or so the liquid inside them can be removed.  Make no mistake:  this is a stinky, smelly job and not one that most owners want to do themselves.  If you do it incorrectly you can cause an infection in the anal glands.  Normally dogs naturally express this liquid when they potty but if their stool is too soft it will not be expressed, which causes the liquid to build up and become uncomfortable for your dog.  Feeding your dog a high fiber diet will cause the stool to become bulkier and help the dog’s anal glands to function properly.

Choosing the best high fiber dog foods

When you look at the Guaranteed Analysis on a bag of dog food, most dog foods contain between two and four percent fiber.  Foods that are high in fiber contain between six and 10 percent fiber.  One of these foods will be suitable if you are looking for a high fiber dog food for your dog.  You can also look for foods that are labeled “high fiber.”  Foods that are made for weight control, or even grain free foods can also be good options for high fiber diets.  Just be sure to read the label to make sure the fiber percentage is between six and 10 percent.

The best high fiber dog food brands include the following foods.  They have the highest fiber content we could find:

  • Wellness Core Reduced Fat Formula (Dry)
  • Biljac Sensitive Solutions (Dry)
  • Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Easy-To-Digest Formulas (Dry)
  • Missing Link Canine Supplement (can be added to your dog’s regular food)

These foods should all work for you and your dog if you are looking for high fiber dog food brands.  You can also add fiber to your dog’s diet, as long as you don’t over do things.  Tomato, pumpkin, and other healthy vegetables, in small amounts, will act as healthy fiber in your dog’s diet.  Some vegetables, such as broccoli or carrots, need to be steamed or pureed for your dog to digest them.  But soft vegetables like tomatoes and pumpkin can be given to your dog without much preparation.

Remember that high fiber can play a healthy role in your dog’s diet, especially if he is overweight or has problems with his anal glands.  If your dog has more serious problems, such as diabetes or gastrointestinal issues, be sure to see your veterinarian.

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  1. Looking for a high fiber low fat dog food for my dogs…one is overweight and need to get her weight down…our vetrinarian is suggesting Prescription Hills diet dog food…can and dry….any thoughts on this?

    • You could possibly give Nutro Lite- Weight loss dog food a try. It’s got a high fibre percentage 10% and is also low fat, just another option for you.

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