Facts About You And Your Dog’s Personality

Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Video about Facts About You And Your Dog’s Personality. People normally choose dogs that resemble them. For instance, extroverted people will go for the breeds with bulldogs. Those people who are highly social will go for the SETTERS and POINTERS while those individuals with big imaginations will own TOYDOGS such ...

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Dog passes out from overwhelming joy


The Dog passes out from overwhelming joy video is about a deep love between at pen and his family members.Dog was in overwhelming joy after he/she met his family members.The loved ones in that dogs life were only family members there. for about 2 years his/her family members were at ...

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Top 10 Best Family Dogs


If you have a family then you know how important it is to find a dog that gets along with everyone and is able to cope with family life. Maybe you want a dog who can play with your kids or keep you company when you work at home. You ...

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Top 10 Best Watch Dogs


Watch dogs can be distinguished from guard and protection dogs because they give an alert or sound an alarm when there is an intruder or when something dangerous is occurring.  They don’t necessarily offer physical protection or attack someone. For this reason, guard dogs can include some very small breeds, ...

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Top 10 Cutest Dogs Breeds


There are lots of cute dog breeds around so choosing the top 10 cutest is hard to do. Your opinion may vary. You can use different criteria in deciding what makes a dog cute. For example, small size usually makes a dog seem cuter. Puppies are nearly always cute. Playfulness ...

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The Top 10 Best Small Dogs


Small dogs are popular right now for several reasons.  They are a good size for people who live in cities and urban areas.  They are often less expensive to care for than large dogs. Many small dogs make good family dogs.  And small dogs can make good lap dogs because ...

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Top 10 Best Dogs for Kids


Kids and dogs just seem to go together. Scientific evidence has also recently shown that children who are raised with dogs (and other animals) can also grow up to be healthier and have fewer allergies and illnesses. So bringing a dog into your family can be a great idea, but ...

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Does Your Dog Need Dog Insurance?

kind of dog should i get

According to various sources, as many as 3 percent of the cats and dogs in the United States have pet insurance, although some insurance companies claim that this figure is too high. The number of insured pets is much higher in the UK and Sweden. Insurance for dogs has not ...

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Best Dogs for People with Allergies?


According to research, no dogs are completely hypoallergenic. All dogs produce dander and shed skin cells. Coupled with dog saliva, these particles can cause a person who is allergic to dogs to have an allergic reaction. However, some breeds produce much less dander than others. These breeds are usually recommended ...

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Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds


There are many different ways to measure the intelligence of animals, especially dogs. There has been much debate about how smart dogs really are. Are they the smartest animal next to humans? Are they as smart as dolphins or apes? Different ways of testing animals will provide different results. One ...

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